Lakestate MFG Tanks 

Our tank has a number of special features. One great feature is the sump for a full tank clean-out. Another one are the black gallon markers making it easy to see how much product is in your tank. Our rinse tank mounts directly to the tank for an easy way to carry some clean water for washing up. The top tank is designed to sit on top of either the 400 gal or 500 gal tank and offers an extra 125 gal per side. It can be used for split applications or for those extra gallons you need to save time.


All New 600 Gal Tanks

 Our new 600 gallon tanks have some features you will love! First and most obvious is the travel width has decreased significantly. On tractors with 120″ spacing the overall travel width is 17′ 4″. We still have the sump for complete clean out and easy to see black gallon markers.