JD 8000 Series

Mid-Mount: Front Dual, Single Front, and Front Mount

Front Dual Mid-mount Tanks 

Our 8000 series tanks come in several different options including our most popular one, the front dual bracket. It has an arch for the duals to turn into and also room to enter the cab beside the rear tire. Our top brace provides extra stability for our 500 gal or top tank setups and is optional for the 400 gal tanks as well. Check out our narrower 600 gal tanks


Front Single Mid-mount Tanks

Our straight brackets are built sturdy and simple. A straight bar that comes from the transmission housing and leaves enough room for turning while staying as narrow as possible. A step mounted to the front of the bar makes it easier to climb into the cab.

Front Mount Tanks 

Our front mount tanks come as either single or double tanks. Our single tank requires removing the weight bracket. We offer either 325 gal or 400 for the single.

The double tank option hangs from the weight bracket for easy mounting and comes with either 165 gal or 225 tanks. It also keeps the tanks clear of the lights for better visibility at night.